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Content-Aware Cropping | Photoshop CC

In this 2-minute video, we’re going to use an awesome cropping feature in Photoshop: Content-Aware cropping.

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How to Edit and Cut Videos | Photoshop CC

If you don’t own a video editing program or you’re not familiar with these types of programs, you can use Photoshop to do some basic video editing.

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Add a Photo to a Screen | Photoshop CC

Today we’re going to learn a simple way to add a photo to a mobile phone’s screen frame. Along the way, we will be using the Polygonal Lasso tool, a layer mask, and a blurring filter to achieve the desired look.

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Convert a Flat Brick Wall to a 3D Brick Wall | Photoshop CC

In this short video, we will open a flat brick wall in Photoshop, and then learn how to convert it to a 3D brick wall using a depth map that we will generate.

We will then add texture, use the brush to paint, blend the painting with the wall, adjust the lighting, and render the scene.

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Face-Aware Liquify | Photoshop CC 2017

After taking a photo of someone, you may find that you need to make subtle adjustments to some facial features. In this case, Photoshop’s awesome Face-Aware Liquify filter might be able to help.

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Content-Aware Scaling | Photoshop CC

When resizing an image using normal scaling, all pixels get affected uniformly. What if you don’t want to distort important elements? What if you want to preserve specific areas?

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This is how you can master Photoshop from scratch

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Most Common Photoshop Shortcuts (PDF)

This valuable PDF is designed to get you started using keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop. Use them and boost your speed and efficiency in no time!

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Image Size and Resolution Explained

In this short video, we’re going to learn about the technicalities of an image’s dimensions.

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Text on Text | Photoshop CC

I came across this text effect while surfing the web and decided to make a video about it. In a couple of minutes, we’ll create this awesome typographic layout from scratch.

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