Back when I was a university student majoring in Graphic Design, I used to think I’ll get all the information I needed from the classes I attended. I thought I would learn all the techniques that would allow me to create the perfect outcome. You know, those little tips, tricks and techniques that only “professionals” know about.

I did learn a bunch of stuff. However, I never knew what I missed until I graduated and started working. You know, when you graduate, you feel super confident. At your graduation, you look around and feel honored. Your instructors are proud, your parents are proud, your friends are proud (even though they’re sleeping), and everything just seems to be perfect.


Stop laughing -_-


And then, the face slaps begin.


Face Slap #1

Finding a job.

The job market is weird. To get some work experience, you need to work. To be able to find work, you need work experience.



Face Slap #2

Knowing what to do.

When you find a job and actually start working, you need to excel at what you do. This is where problems start. You’re shocked to find out that you don’t even know most of what you’re required to do.


Face Slap #3

Mastering your job.

You decide to learn… again. You start making mistakes. You learn from them. You fail again, and again and again, each time getting slightly better at what you do… until you master your job. And then, you look back at all these years that passed and you feel depressed.


But I have good news:

You don’t have to get slapped at all!

To avoid all the slapping, you should find a way to “fast forward”. Learning from your mistakes is wise, but learning from other people’s mistakes is wiser.

In the next few days, I will show you how you can do that. This is what I call the “Avoid the Slaps” series.

But for now, I want you to do 2 things:

  1. If you think the content of 2-Minute Design (including the “Avoid the Slaps” series) could be helpful to someone you know, preferably in the design field, make sure to share it with them. Send them this link: and advise them to subscribe.
  2. If you’ve experienced any of these slaps, or if you’ve found a way to avoid them, I am interested to hear about it. Post a comment now and tell me your story.

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