This is part 2 of the “Avoid the Slaps” series. If you missed the first one, here’s a link to the post:

Last time we went through 3 face slaps that you face even after you graduate:

  1. Finding a job.
  2. Knowing what to do.
  3. Mastering your job.

Today I am going to share a small story with you. Like most graphic designers, I started getting freelance work. I also got employed soon after I graduated. In fact, I got accepted in many companies so I had the freedom to filter them as I wanted.

Finally, I had two choices:

#1 I work in a quiet environment, nobody tells me exactly what to do, so I am free to create any design I find suitable, and the workplace is close to where I live.

#2 I work with a team of people, my supervisor tells me what to do, and the workplace is far from home.

Both choices offer the same salary.

Take a minute and think about it. What would you choose?

At first, the answer seems obvious: #1. However, the more you think about it, the harder it gets. In fact, I ended up choosing #2, and I am absolutely convinced that it was the right choice.

Here’s why: as I previously said, I was already working as a freelancer. I worked in a quiet environment (mostly my home office), nobody told me what to do (except my clients), and the workplace was exactly where I lived (it was actually 1 second away from my bed). So I was already living the dream of choice #1.

But here’s the issue. When you work alone, you apply what you know. Even though you may develop your skills from time to time, at the end of day, nobody is really pushing you forward.

However, when you work with a team, it’s a whole other story. Working with a team sharpens your skills. You learn from people around you and they learn from you. You and your teammates point out each other’s mistakes, criticize each other’s ideas, share your knowledge with each other, and bring out the best of yourselves. Now that’s truly a healthy atmosphere.

The amount of development I made while working with a team would’ve taken me a century to achieve if I were working alone. Maybe more.

My point is this: I want you and me to be teammates. I want to share my knowledge with you. I want to teach you how to do things, and listen to your comments and feedback. That’s what I do in 2-Minute Design. All the videos and posts you see on my website are things that took me so much time to learn, and I am sharing this knowledge with you.

But there’s more. I’ve been working for 4 years on a process that allows me to create awesome projects, and I am bringing this to you very soon. Want more details? Stay tuned, the “Avoid the Slaps” series part 3 is coming.

Until then, if you think someone you know would find this series useful, go ahead and share it with them. You can use the social share buttons below.

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  • Absolutely true. My experience also. Even though you think you are the genius at your workplace. Even a beginner can come up with ideas that you never thought of. Maybe cause you easily walk down secure paths, or there is a new genius starting to rise.

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