This is part 3 of the “Avoid the Slaps” series. If you missed the previous parts, you can follow the links below:

Last time we talked about the choices you have of either working alone or in a team. Since I believe that working in a team can boost your skills, I invited you to be my teammate so that I keep sharing my hard-earned knowledge with you.

For 4 years, I’ve been working on a process that allows me to create awesome projects. Let’s think about it. You’re a graphic or product designer. How do you create awesome projects? Well, it’s a very broad question, isn’t it? I will be more specific: let’s say your artwork files are perfect. You just created a design that convinced you and your client. You feel so proud of what you have accomplished. And now… the long-awaited but most-feared step comes: print and production.

You start wondering: what is the best way to translate my design work into a tangible product? What if I mess up with the print and production files? What if I expect a specific effect, but I end up looking at something far from what I had in mind?

See, having awesome design files doesn’t mean the outcome is going be as awesome. It could be horrible. We should have a process to follow, a system that guarantees the outcome’s perfection. This is the process that I was talking about.

It took me 4 years to master. Why 4 years? Well, it’s simple. You start something, you fail. You fix. You test, fail, test again, and again, and again… until you succeed. I tested and fixed this process throughout the years with countless clients, while working on hundreds of design projects. Let’s just say it took some time.

Specifically, this process tackles the finalization of print and production files. If you follow it, you guarantee that your files will be perfectly printed, seamlessly cut and flawlessly finalized. Whether you’re going for digital or offset printing, this process ensures success. It’s also perfect if you want to create special effects like embossing, spot UV or foil stamping.

So how can you access it? Well, the best way to show you how it’s done is through videos, the 2-Minute Design way. So I packaged these videos into an online course.

When? Where? How?

Stay tuned. You will receive “Avoid the Slaps” part 4 soon, and we’ll answer these questions.

Until then, if you think someone you know would find this course useful, go ahead and share this series with them. You can use the social share buttons below.

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