This is part 4 of the “Avoid the Slaps” series. If you missed the previous parts, you can follow the links below:

Last time we saw that creating awesome designs is not enough: the final product after print and production should be as awesome. That’s why I announced an upcoming course. This course is entitled:

Finalize Production Files

Finalize Production Files

How to prepare your files for perfect print and production


This is a valuable course because it’s a process you can follow in any design project. Keep in mind that this process took 4 years to master! For a long time, I worked in print and production with countless of clients to create hundreds of awesomely finalized products, especially displays and point of sale materials. At first, my process needed major fixes. Then it needed minor refinements. Finally, it was successfully completed. Can you imagine the amount of work and tests that have been done to create such a product?

This is taken from real life work experience!

I will show you how projects are done from zero to final production. We will get the visual assets from the client, and use them to build our products.

So, what are we going to do?

We will create a shelf stopper, a shelf wobbler, a shelf strip and a 50 x 50 cm freestanding unit that consists of a header, a base, two sides and three shelves.

We will prepare the print and cut files, as well as flat PDF preview files that we can send to our client for feedback or approval.

We will also learn how to prepare our files for offset printing, and how to add special effects like embossing, spot UV, foil stamping, etc…

Finally, we will package everything into a folder that will be sent for print and production.

This is a video course from 2-Minute Design, so each video will be around 2 minutes in length. This means that it is super easy to follow, just like any 2-Minute Design content.

I am happy to announce that this course is now open! It’s been accepted on Udemy so make sure you check it out by clicking here.

For more info about the course, please check the frequently asked questions by clicking here.

Finally, I hope you take this valuable course and it will certainly show you how to avoid the slaps.


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