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Create a Realistic Button | Photoshop CC

Creating something realistic in 2 minutes is certainly a challenge. But hey, I love challenge.

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Create a Spinning Animated GIF Preloader | Photoshop CC

You don’t need to have any 2D animation software to create a spinning preloader. If you use Photoshop, you’re good to go.

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Create Text Out of Texture | Photoshop CC

Today is texture day! Grab your camera and go take a photo of any texture you like. It could be tile, wood, cloth, anything… Open it in Photoshop and let’s have some fun.

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Create a Neon Text Effect | Photoshop CC

Let’s create an awesome effect! Today’s goal is to achieve a neon text effect. The challenge is: can we do it in 2 minutes?

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3 Ways to Scale Layer Styles

Layer styles are awesome. Problem is, when you resize a layer, its layer styles won’t scale accordingly. How do you fix that?

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Smart Objects

Smart Objects are powerful enough to be called “smart”! What are they and why you should use them?

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Photoshop’s Layer Masks

Layer Masks are one of the most powerful features of Photoshop.
What are they? And how to use them properly?

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Straightening | Photoshop CC

1- You have a crooked image.
2- You want to learn the best way to straighten it.

I will show you many techniques that you can use right now in order to straighten your Photoshop layer in no time!

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Content-Aware Fill | Photoshop CC

Do you want to be able to remove foreground elements from a photo in a matter of seconds?

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