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Photoshop’s Pen Tool

The Pen tool is Photoshop’s greatest, most accurate tool. Today we will learn how to create a path using the Pen tool, which will allow us to hide the background and keep the traced object.

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Shape Tools Basics | Photoshop CC

Photoshop’s Shape tools provide an awesome way to create, well, any kind of shapes. You can draw a shape and then adjust its appearance, fill color, stroke color, and many other parameters in seconds.

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Highlighter ($15)

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This is a highlighter that is useful in many circumstances. I initially designed this one to be used in sports videos, highlighting a specific player. ScoutNationHD, a well-known YouTube channel that showcases players, uses this highlighter. Check out this video to see it in action.

The file includes 2 versions: one has a light blue fill, while the other has no fill.

Note that this is a PNG sequence that can be imported straight into your project.

What is Bleed?

What is bleed? Why do we need it? How do we achieve it?

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Magnifying Glass | Photoshop CC

In just 2 minutes, we’re going to create an awesome magnifying glass effect!

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Typography on a Background | Photoshop CC

In this video, we’ll create a neat typography on a background. We’ll start by creating the background from scratch, and then we’ll add and edit the text.

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Furry Text | Photoshop CC

In today’s 2-minute video, we’ll create an awesome furry text effect.

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The Puppet Warp Tool | Photoshop CC

Today we’re going to manipulate a photo using a powerful Photoshop feature called the Puppet Warp tool.

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Working in Perspective | Photoshop CC

The objective is simple: add objects to an image while following its perspective. Photoshop makes such tasks so easy that you could do it in seconds.

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Watermark Multiple Photos at Once | Photoshop CC

Watermarking several photos could be extremely time consuming, especially when the photos have different orientations.

Is there a way to automatically watermark all of them? Yup.

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