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Photoshop’s Layer Masks

Layer Masks are one of the most powerful features of Photoshop.
What are they? And how to use them properly?

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Some designs just seem to be so plain, boring, uninteresting and unexciting. You may not understand the reasons, but I will show you a technique that you can use right now to make your designs stand out!

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Straightening | Photoshop CC

1- You have a crooked image.
2- You want to learn the best way to straighten it.

I will show you many techniques that you can use right now in order to straighten your Photoshop layer in no time!

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Content-Aware Fill | Photoshop CC

Do you want to be able to remove foreground elements from a photo in a matter of seconds?

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Design Outside the Box

Why do some designs look better than others?
One problem many designers face is the “blocked design”, where the layout seems to be made of boxes.

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